LED Benefits

(ECA) Enhanced Capital Allowances

The Governments technology list now includes White LED Lighting, This means that our entire LED product range qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances. This allows companies to write off this spending in the first year.

Carbon Trust & Salix Loans

SMEs and public sector organizations could qualify for interest-free loans. This helps with the upfront costs of your LED Lighting replacement project. Loan repayments are spread over the length of the project’s payback period; this means that your energy savings alone fund the cost of this project.


colourThe colour properties of a light source are relevant to white light, and are described as colour temperature (expressed in Kelvins, abbreviated as K) and the colour rendering index (CRI) or Ra index. The CRI ranges between 0 and 100 and indicates how good a light source is at reproducing a number of reference colours. A CRI of 100 is the best.

The light from LED sources is either warm (typically 2,700-3,000 K), neutral (3,500-4,500 K) or cold (4,500-10,000 K). A comprehensive selection of LEDs is available with a CRI of over 80. The best LEDs have a CRI of over 90.