LED Facts

Why are you using a higher wattage in your cost of ownership calculation than what is on the tube?
You have to take the fluorescent tubes control gear into account which also requires a certain amount of electricity to operate.

Do you need control gear to operate the LED tube?
All the control gear and drivers are included inside the Tubes enclosure

What voltage does the tube run on?
The tube can run on any voltage between 85v and 250v

Does the tube lose brightness in colder conditions?
The tube can operate at -20deg Celsius and loses no brightness and instantly starts.

Why do you state two different Lumen measurements for the fluorescent tubes and the LED tubes?
Fluorescent tubes can lose as much as 20% of their initial light output in their first 1000 hours of operation and will continue to degenerate over the lifespan of the tube. This is why we use the “Mean” lumen measurement as a better representation of the lumen output over the lifespan of the tube.

When comparing specifications between fluorescent and LED tubes it is important to understand that the quoted Lumens whilst an LED tube is directional at 120 degrees. This is why we have “Actual” and “Effective” Lumens. The effective measurement being what is on the ground below.

What Information do we need to give you for cost of ownership?
We need the cost of the electricity in KW per Hour (usually between 10 to 14p) We also need the quantity and size of the tubes involved and how long there on for per day.

Can be very misleading, this is due to the fact that a fluorescent tube radiates lights through 360 degrees

Cost Savings
A 1200mm LED Tube light uses 16w of power
A regular 1200mm tube light uses 48w of power
A 1200mm LED tube light saves over 32w
Energy savings are up to £24 per annum at today’s energy costs
Additionally, they last up to 5 times as long, which saves in labour costs and scheduled maintenance
Over the life of the tube, it would save over £200
And energy costs are still rising rapidly… Of course, every installation is different. We always analyse your savings specifically.

Additional Advantages
In the workplace, directional light is better
60% of light from a Fluorescent Tube light goes into roof space or onto walls!
The Daylight white light from LED’s can help prevent SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)
Much better for people who suffer from fits, and can have adverse reactions to fluorescent lighting