Low income homes to receive free solar panels

As part of a major new government scheme, 800,000 low income homes in England and Wales are set to receive free solar panels. The project, costing £1billion, will witness renewable energy companies partner up with social housing providers to get the panels installed.

The new scheme will provide 100,000 homes with the solar panels in just the first 18 months. The rest will be installed within the following five years. This scheme is one of the most notable of its type in the UK. The overall aim is to aid those who suffer from fuel poverty.

Panels installed on homes can see residents saving an average of £240 per year on their energy bills. Not only this, but they could potentially make money from the systems. With thanks to feed-in tariff schemes, households who generate their own energy using renewable technology such as solar power can receive cash payments if they have a surplus.

at Q-Energy we have experience with sustainable energy solutions like solar panels. We also make sure that all our clients are fitted with low-energy LED bulbs, with the option to have smart meters installed too. These meters state exactly how much energy you are consuming throughout each day. Our team is made up of the most highly trained electricians Staffordshire has, ensuring a great service.

The adoption rate for solar energy is already high across much of the UK. In fact, over a million homes use either photovoltaic panels or solar thermal. It isn’t hard to understand why; the cost of systems has seen a reduction estimated at 85% in seven years.

Q-Energy is committed to providing excellent services. We work with the highest quality systems, including modern panels that still produce electricity when the sky is overcast. This is due to the cells being able to diffuse solar radiation.

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