Make savings with a voltage reduction

In the 90s a decision was made to harmonise the standard mains electrical voltages in the UK and EU. Prior to this the standard voltage in the UK was 240 V whereas numerous European Countries was lower at 220 V. It was decided that a middle ground between the two should be sought. The nominal voltage chosen was to be 230 V.

However, a major change did not occur due to the huge cost of replacing supply equipment. The project may have gone forward if a technological benefit was on offer but at the time there didn’t seem to be one. To meet the object of harmonising the supply without having to incur such a huge expense, it was decided a 230 V standard would be introduced with a +10% and -6% tolerance. Ultimately this meant that both countries could stay at their existing levels.

The new standard meant that the mains electrical supply in the UK could range from an upper limit of 253 V to a lower one of 216.2 V. Additional changes to EU legislation extended the tolerance to -10%, meaning the UK lower limit is now 207 V.

The tolerances create many opportunities for people in terms of energy savings. By adjusting their mains to a lower voltage property owners can cut their consumption and save on bills. In a typical home the saving could be as much as 10% by lowering the voltage to 220 V.

Lowering the voltage in a property can also offer benefits for the electrical appliances. Many devices can operate more efficiently at a lower voltage. They may experience less wear and tear as a result of the reduction, because a smaller voltage will cut the amount of heat that is generated. This can extend their life.

Voltage reduction technology has advanced a long way and there are many effective products available that can deliver an array of benefits for property owners. We have plenty of experience with the equipment and can provide advice and installation services for clients across Derbyshire and the surrounding regions. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service and ensure that all of our electricians adhere to our stringent standards. If you have any questions about voltage reduction please contact us. We can offer advice and explain the myriad of benefits that are on offer.