Making commercial properties safe

If you own industrial or commercial premises, you will be all too aware of the importance of security and safety. There is no substitute for taking every possible precaution against the threat of vandalism, intrusion and theft. We are well established and trusted electricians in Staffordshire and we provide a full range of security solutions. If you wish to enhance your security measures, we can assist you with a professional and reputable service.

CCTV systems have become increasingly popular and can be identified on almost every high street property these days. These systems offer immense value for money and peace of mind as they deliver a comprehensive solution to your every security issue. They can be installed internally and externally, and ensure that every inch of your premises is covered. As CCTV cameras capture and record clear footage, they also serve as an effective deterrent. The obvious presence of a CCTV system is likely to send the opportunist criminal elsewhere in an attempt to find a less challenging building.

Door entry systems offer you reliable access control. These systems work on a basis of identification and verification ensuring that only approved individuals that are recognised by the system’s internal memory are permitted entry. This ensures that anyone without the required identification or means of confirming and proving their identity cannot gain access at any time.

Passive Infrared offers additional security measures and is particularly useful when used in conjunction with a CCTV system. The system’s electronic sensor measures infrared light and will automatically detect any increase such as elevated body temperature. This prevents access to an intruder along with aiding identification via the CCTV system.

Our electricians in Staffordshire deliver the products and systems that meet the precise needs of our customers. We will gain full understanding of your security requirements, and provide a bespoke solution that will exceed all expectations. Our technicians work swiftly and safety, always respecting your premises and leaving it in the condition we found it. Let us help you to secure your property.