Making the most out of your lighting systems

Over the years we have steadily built up our company into a first-class provider of electrical services. Working in numerous sectors, including the domestic and commercial, the experience our electricians possess is vast. This allows us to take on large scale projects in properties across Leicestershire and other parts of the country, providing our customers with end results that they can be proud of.

Despite what you may think, getting the lighting right in your home is actually very important and there are a number of factors to consider before beginning your electrical work. Light should be present at three levels in a room; the ceiling, floor and walls. This keeps rooms properly illuminated and makes them more pleasant to spend time in.

The creative potential for lighting can be far more expansive than just simply having an overhead light in each room. In bedrooms, it can be a good idea to have wall lights over the bed if you are a reader. Additionally, the same products can be placed in your bathroom to aid in creating a relaxing environment while you soak in your tub.

Target lighting, in the kitchens especially, can lead to enhanced aesthetics and practicality. Try fitting statement pendant lights low over your dining table or kitchen island unit. These can provide a softer way to light your kitchen up and if you are an avid cooker, illuminating the worktops can work wonders. If you’re after a more dramatic effect, consider placing strip lights across the wall units and kick boards.

At Q-Energy we are capable of carrying out all forms of electrical commissions within tight deadlines to an exemplary standard as a result of our talented electricians. Thanks in large part to the dedication that we put into our work, customers have recommended us highly to other individuals, which has enabled us to provide repeated services across Leicestershire. Should you too require our help, we are always easy to reach.