More businesses are making the switch to efficient lighting

For the last few years, energy efficient light bulbs have continued to grow in popularity as home owners and businesses realise the potential money that can be saved through using the technology. Many more people from the commercial sector are catching onto the idea and are realising the potential savings that they can make.

With the fact that energy efficient lighting can save a considerable amount of money it is no surprise that most businesses, whether they are small or large, are switching. However, savings aren’t the only reason for the switch. A lot of companies are adopting a ‘green’ image for their company that promotes them as being environmentally friendly. A great place to start with this policy is with efficient lights, especially LED bulbs that use about 90% less energy than standard ones.

LED light bulbs also offer a big advantage in that they last a vast amount longer than standard ones. This is attractive for larger companies or those who have sizeable premises. The fact that they last longer can save time and money as they won’t have to be replaced as regularly as standard bulbs.

Solar panels are another thing that many businesses have been looking at. A lot of them have been adopting the technology, especially those with large properties that can house a good number of the panels. Despite the initial setup costs, solar panels produce clean energy. This is a massive plus for a company as after some time they will have paid for themselves with the amount you have saved.

Again it’s not just the cost effectiveness that makes solar power attractive for businesses. Having the technology is a really great way to build up your eco-friendly image and switch to efficient energy. They are also very sustainable.

Businesses considering switching to high quality energy efficient lights or installing solar technology can rely on us to offer a professional service. Our electricians are highly trained and will offer the best workmanship. We work on projects small and large across Leicestershire so don’t be afraid to ask us for help.