Never reverse neutral and hot wires

For over three decades, we’ve been providing assistance to customers who are experiencing difficulties with their appliances. To ensure that we’re fully prepared for the task at hand, we have made investments in advanced tools and have trained our employees to handle just about any situation. With some of the best electricians Warwickshire has available on our payroll, we are the people to call if you are worried about your electrical goods.

In the world of electronics, there is much that can go wrong whilst doing maintenance or making repairs. So that you know what to expect, we are going to go through some of the most common mistakes that are made. Below, you can find information on what happens when you reverse hot and neutral wires.

Hooking up your black, hot cable to an outlet’s neutral terminal can potentially lead to a lethal electric shock. One of the biggest concerns with this fault is that you might not even notice that it’s there until it’s too late and someone has already been shocked. This is because lights, in addition to the majority of other plug-in apparatus, shall still be operational. They just won’t function safely.

The solution to this issue is to pinpoint the neutral terminal. Always connect your white cable to the fixture’s and outlet’s neutral terminal. This will always be distinguishable. Normally, a light-coloured or silver screw discerns it. Fasten your hot cable to the other one. If there happens to be a green or unclothed copper wire, then this is the ground. Couple this ground to a grounded box or wire, or the green grounding screw.

At Q-Energy, as NICEIC,ECA members, the work we conduct is performed to those standards that have been set by the Institution of Electrical Engineers. Not only are we capable of completing all varieties of work, but we can also operate within strict deadlines if timing is a concern. As a result we are regarded as being among the best electricians Warwickshire has to offer.

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