Obvious electrical hazards you should be avoiding

Electrical issues can take on many forms. In addition, they are tricky to rectify in most cases, even if you have the right tools. For the best results, you should speak to a professional when something goes wrong for you. We employ the top electricians Derbyshire has to offer. They can solve the issue no matter how big it is.

Electricity is dangerous, being one of the leading causes of accidental fires inside our houses. According to government statistics, it results in over 20,000 incidents every year. This is nearly half of all our country’s accidental blazes. Contemporary living means that we use more electrical appliances than ever before. Therefore, the chance of an accident in our homes is much greater.

Electrical heaters

There are obvious dangers out there. However, we still manage to walk right into them. For example, clothes that are drying on an electrical heater will be dripping onto live components. This could lead to a fire or a shock. Numerous heaters possess ventilation slots to stop overheating too. If you cover them up, the heater can overheat and catch fire. Additionally, if water drips in, you could get shocked. Be careful whilst using these heaters.


It is vital you don’t install downlighters improperly. Furthermore, you should not pick the wrong ones, or fit the incorrect replacement lamp. These can all pose a massive fire risk. If you need to install any, ask for the aid of a registered electrician. To stay safe, scan for visible markings to specify lamp type and wattage.

At Q-Energy, we aim to maintain the highest of standards with every job. The services we supply give you complete satisfaction because all work is done by the best electricians Derbyshire has. This approach has led to many satisfied customers, who have gone on to recommend us to others.

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