Offering electrical solutions from skilled and experienced workers

From our position of being the leading electricians Leicestershire residents and businesses call upon for safe, secure and professional work, Q-Energy Ltd has become one of the most in-demand suppliers for projects across the whole of the United Kingdom. Our provision of the latest and most effective energy efficiency solutions – ones that have been shown both to work correctly and be safe to utilise – has seen us become all the more highly sought after to provide our services. With rising energy costs all of us are interested in exploring ways in which we can reduce expenditure on our electricity needs, with using PV Solar energy solutions increasingly becoming more in demand.

PV, or Photovoltaic, is what you might refer to as the “next generation in solar energy”. These solar panels are far more efficient than any previously available, both in terms of the energy they produce and the means by which they generate it. In this regard, a key advantage – in particular for residents of the United Kingdom – is that they do not require direct sunlight to operate and generate electricity from. Whereas once solar power was considered not to be viable for the UK due to the lack of clear and direct sunlight – even in summer – PV solar technology has made it exceptionally viable and an attractive option for home owners.

Whilst the first solar panels to be produced, made some 50 or so years ago, required direct sunlight to work, PV solar panels work by diffusing solar radiation instead of requiring to be directly struck by the sun. The solar radiation required exists in the microscopic, all but invisible to be naked eye particles of dust and water in the atmosphere. This means that on days which are overcast and cloudy – and, let’s be honest, more often than not we experience days exactly like this in the UK – the PV solar panels work effectively to generate electricity.

Q-Energy, as the leading electricians Leicestershire can call on, have found that PV solar technology is indeed effective and works with great success in the United Kingdom. We are not alone in this respect, either, as the Government supports and endorses PV solar installations as far as possible. This is something they do by removing the standard requirements for planning permission to be obtained when installing this form of solar energy.  Usually it is only listed buildings and designated areas that require prior planning permission to be in place before installing PV solar panel technology.

PV solar panels is just one element of safe, reliable and professional electricity work and energy efficiency services that Q-Energy provide to Leicestershire and across the whole of the UK. Our company is dedicated to exploring all means and technology designed for successful energy management, and we strive to provide them to our valued clients in the most effective way possible.