Perfect company when looking for electricians in Derbyshire

With the increasing cost of electricity in the UK more and more home owners and businesses are looking to achieve the optimal level of energy efficiency possible to make important budget savings. At Q-Energy, a company with a proud record of being represented by the finest electricians Derbyshire can call upon, we believe in making the latest, most innovative technology and methodology in energy efficiency available to all in the most cost effective way possible.

Many people assume that solar power is not as viable in the United Kingdom as it is throughout the rest of the world due to the limited direct sunlight experienced when considered in annual terms. This is an assumption which may have been applicable in the early, experimental days of solar power, but is thankfully no longer an applicable concern. At Q-Energy we use Photovoltaic (PV) solar technology, a system which allows for the drawing and utilisation of power from solar radiation even when direct sunlight does not strike the solar panels. This technology not only allows you to provide power to either your home or business, but it also gives a means by which you can feed electricity back into the national grid.

Q-Energy are also the leading electricians Derbyshire has who have the skills of installing voltage reduction units. Voltage reduction is the most straightforward and efficient way of limiting your energy costs. Whereas the overwhelming majority of electrical equipment and devices are designed to run on 220V, on average the supply in to UK homes runs at 245V. This means that no matter how efficient or cost conscious you try to be when using electricity, electricity is still being swallowed up and wasted when you switch on any plug or light. By introducing voltage reduction units it becomes possible to achieve savings on the cost of electricity – sometimes as high as 10% of your bill – without modifying, adapting or changing your behaviour.

These two ways in which we can introduce energy and cost saving measures for you are complemented by our other services, including intelligent LED lighting solutions and our natural air convection heating systems. With over three decades of leading experience and proud members of the Institution of  Electrical Engineers, Q-Energy are the leading choice for providing efficient energy management and the most skilled electricians Derbyshire residents can call upon.

Top learn how we can help you reduce your energy use and costs without making dramatic changes to your way of life contact our expert team today.