Practicing safe electrical procedures

With electricians ready to serve customers across the Staffordshire area, Q-Energy is a company that works extremely hard to make certain that customers are satisfied. We ensure that every job we take on is carried out to the strict standards that are set out by the Institute of Electrical Engineers. Our team are highly qualified and have the right credentials to take on all kinds of jobs.

Electricity can be highly dangerous to both properties and inhabitants if handled incorrectly. However, as trained professionals, we understand the hazards and plan carefully to immensely reduce the risks of injury. No service proceeds without proper plans being in place.

Assessments have to be conducted with any electrical hazard. They cover who can be harmed, how the risk level has been established and what precautions should be taken to control the situation. The risk assessments need to take into consideration what the type of equipment is being used, how the electrical work is conducted, and the environment. The products and installation have to be appropriate for the intended uses and the conditions that they’re operated in, and must only be used for their primary function.

In wet surroundings for example, inappropriate equipment can become a big shock hazard. Circuit breakers, fuses and other devices need to be rated correctly for the circuit they protect. Fuse box cases and isolators should remain closed under lock and key. Sockets, plugs, cases and fittings have to be robust enough and well protected for the working area. In case of an emergency, machinery needs an isolator or accessible switch in which to cut the power swiftly.

At Q-Energy our experience with electrical applications is unrivalled. Thorough checks are performed for not only the equipment that we install, but the habitat in which they will be serving. We work very hard to deliver safe, high quality services.

If you ever need the aid of electricians in Staffordshire, our team have experience in various sectors and tackle each project with safety and quality in mind.