Professional electricians serving Leicestershire on a daily basis

With our company now into its fourth decade of proud service to the region, Q-Energy are the leading electricians Leicestershire residents and businesses can call upon to provide intelligent, pro-active energy efficiency initiatives and solutions. In this era characterised by escalating power costs and an increase in the wish of most to be as both energy efficient and eco-friendly as possible, our unique services afford you the ability to take control of your power use and costs without overtly needing to change your lifestyle.

Of the ways in which energy savings and cost reductions can be achieved, one of the most effective and practical ways is to apply voltage reduction units to your home or office. Most technology and electrical equipment today – designed with energy efficiency being a primary concern – is designed to run on 220V, sometimes even less. However, this change in equipment has not been reflected in a change to the national grid and standard electrical supply, which sees the electricity supplied running between 240V and 250V. For the most part the electricity supplied but not used by your devices and equipment simply vanishes as unused waste – waste that you have, of course, paid for. Installing our voltage reduction units will not affect how your devices work, but they will ensure that you reduce your overall electricity bill – sometimes by as much as 10%.

Q-Energy are also the leading electricians Leicestershire has in respect of installing Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Power solutions. This innovative new system does not require direct sunlight as a constant to create electricity, making them both suitable and highly efficient for year-round use in the UK. PV Solar Power has, when installed by our professionals at Q-Energy, the potential to be so efficient that in some cases electricity generated can be fed back into the national grid.

We are also dedicated to providing further innovative energy efficient solutions, such as intelligent LED lighting arrangements and fan-free air convention heating systems. Our experts and electricians are also perpetually pursuing practical ways and means to ensure better, safer and more efficient ways to use electricity are being tested and adapted for optimal home use.

To discuss the ways in which we can make your home and business considerably more energy efficient contact us at Q-Energy today. Our professional staff will listen to the details of your current energy consumption and general uses, allowing us to establish the most effective way in which you can significantly reduce your consumption and cost.