Projects that require assistance from trained electricians

With experience in working with a wide array of electrical appliances, our team is perfectly equipped to handle any challenge that comes our way. Specialising in commercial, domestic and industrial work, we carefully examine each situation and come up with an appropriate plan. As a NICEIC,ECA member, our company only performs to those standards set by the Institution of Electrical Engineers.

There are some projects that you might be tempted to carry out yourself, but some are only manageable with the assistance of trained electricians. It is wise to keep the hazards associated with doing the work yourself in mind when thinking about any electrical work. Generator installation is a prime example of a service that should be done by professionals.

No one wishes to come back from a getaway only to find out that the power died and the pipes have frozen. Home generators powered by natural gas or propane will aid you in preventing power outages or damage that may come as a result. Electricians such as us can build in transfer switches, connect wires, and hook up the fuel source to get everything running.

Working on older properties is also a challenge that professional electricians can be called in to help with. If the property has aluminium wiring, you will eventually catch the circuit breakers tripping. If this happens, or if your outlets are charred, then it is time for rewiring.

Electrical panel and wiring updates safeguard your home against fires and makes it easier to turn the electricity off and on in specific locations. To make certain that your beloved home is both functional and safe enough for the future generations, invest in the services of dedicated electricians when working on the wiring.

At Q-energy we are capable of handling a wide array of projects. The electricians on our Derbyshire team are highly experienced and will provide the correct service for you. We are always willing to help anyone in need, so contact us immediately if you have any sort of trouble or would like to discuss your electrical plans.