PV SOLAR – Feed in Tariff

What’s the Feed in Tariff all about?


The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) have announced the new Feed-in Tariff payment rates applicable from 1st July 2013.

The feed-in tariff is an index linked tax free rate per unit of electricity produced by your Solar PV system this is a Government backed scheme introduced on the 1st July 2013. It will pay you a tax free sum for each unit (kWh) of electricity generated and is guaranteed for 20 years. It’s applicable to all system sizes on table below installed before 31st December 2017. Any surplus energy that is not used is automatically exported to the national grid for a minimum rate of 5.03p per kWh, although this can vary depending on your electricity supplier.

The Tariff

Installed Capacity New Tariffs (Up To December 2017)
< 10kW 4.0p/kWh
10 – 50kW 4.22p/kWh
50 – 250kW 1.89p/kWh
250 – 1000kW 1.54p/kWh
> 1000kW 0.38p/kWh
Standalone System 0.23p/kWh