RCDs and the reason why your property needs one

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Safe Electrics

While electricity is something marvellous that many people depend on, it has the potential to be very dangerous. If you want your family as well as everyone else in the property to remain safe, an RCD is something essential that you should have.

What It Does

A residual current device (RCD) monitors electrical wiring in a property. Therefore, if there is an issue with the current, it will break the circuit. This will protect people from electrocution as well as minimise the risk of an electrical fire as a result of an earth fault.

An example of why an RCD is so good is someone touching the exposed live wire of a damaged cable. If current was to leak through with a fault, it can seriously harm the person. The electricity is enough to cause something as bad as a cardiac arrest. An RCD would minimise the severity of an injury to provide a level of protection.

A wise investment

There are no downsides to fitting one of these devices in your home. In fact, they can save your life if something was to happen with your electrics. They don’t cost much and yet should be essential.

You can buy 3 different types of RCD. These are fixed, portable, or socket-outlet. They all have their own benefits and uses to keep you safe. Therefore, make sure you choose the right one to suit your needs. This ensures you have the right protection.

RCDs are a major part of electrical safety so there is no reason you should not have one installed. If you are ever looking for help staying safe in your property, the best thing to do is call on a professional for advice. We can give you a hand through our leading services as the reputable electricians Staffordshire trusts. For quality work, contact Q-Energy today.