Recognising the signs of electrical fires

Electrical fires are one of the largest concerns in the electrician trade. They can cause big safety risks in a wide variety of settings. Everyone should be knowledgeable about what the causes of them are in order to be able to take the necessary steps to stay safe.

The older the structure the wiser it is to inspect all of the wiring before you move in. Electrical wires aren’t designed to last indefinitely and they can experience all kinds of wear over time. Older properties may also feature aluminium wires. They are known to present a higher fire risk.

If work has been done at any time that has added to the wires, including installations of sockets, it is even more important to do some checks. You should check more periodically if you use devices that cause small power surges when they are switched on too. They put a lot more pressure on the wiring, resulting in higher wear.

Fixing faulty wiring and shorts requires the assistance of trained electricians and should never be done by an untrained person. Some of the manifestations of faulty wires include sparks whenever something is plugged in, breakers that trip constantly, and flickering lights. Everything mentioned here can result in fires.

Doing a check to see if any of the electrics are warm is also a good idea. Warmth normally means unsafe or faulty wiring in these instances. Excessive currents could also be coursing through the circuits, which can cause overloads that will lead to a fire.

At Q-Energy, we are aware of the myriad of faults that could potentially result in fires. If we do find a cause for concern while examining your appliances and wiring, we recommend that you have us rectify the problem immediately. Never take any chances if you have doubts and call us in if something seems off.

As time has gone on we have become established one of the leading electricians in Derbyshire. With an expertise in all types of equipment and defects, we are just the ones to help if your electrics have gone haywire.