Reducing the risks of fire

Every commercial building needs to be adequately protected from the threat of fire. As skilled electricians in Leicestershire, we are dedicated to equipping every business with sufficient systems that can detect fire at the earliest possible point. There are some areas that do not have a constant presence such as basements and storage rooms. If fire erupts in spaces that are not regularly visited, it can be some time before an alarm is raised. Fires that have time to develop pose a severe threat to employees and anybody else present on the premises. When equipping your professional premises with alarm systems, it is crucial to consider the areas in which fire can start and spread without detection.

We specialise in the supply and installation of fire alarm systems for your place of business. The major benefit of a well designed and installed system is that you can comprehensively protect your property. We can readily equip your property regardless of size and your particular requirements. There are systems available to match every specification and ensure that fire can be rapidly detected and serious escalation can be prevented.

It is vital that your alarm systems are installed by competent and qualified professionals, so that they will require minimal maintenance and offer long term protection. We can install your fire alarms to cover your entire building or target particular areas. If required, we can combine certain system components to ensure accurate detection and avoid any accidental emergency call outs.

We are widely renowned in our field for providing a trustworthy and satisfactory service. Our electrical services are available for the commercial, industrial and domestic sectors, and our service is second to none. Alongside alarm systems, our qualified electricians in Leicestershire can also supply CCTV, emergency lighting, energy efficient lighting, smart home installations and much more. If you need premium fire alarm systems installed we are the team you can rely on for outstanding services.