Save money by turning off appliances

As electricians in Leicestershire, we want to help our clients save money and use their electrical appliances responsibly, and there are many easy ways to do this. For example, in the UK it is estimated that people are wasting as much as £1.7 billion on their energy bills simply from leaving entertainment devices on standby rather than turning them off. Households are paying as much as £80 a year alone just to leave TVs turned on. If you have a games console you may be paying an additional £30 to leave that switched on too.

Entertainment equipment accounts for the majority of the wasted money, but there are also several other contributing factors. The biggest of these is leaving lights on, especially if you have modern spotlights that consume a great deal of energy. Old appliances like fridges and washing machines can be a concern. Those more than 15 years old are likely to be inefficient and be quietly costing you more than you expected. A faulty thermostat could also rack up costs up to £45.

It is no secret that energy prices are rising and have been doing so steadily for several years. More and more people are getting caught with unexpectedly high bills because they have not considered how the devices in their homes consume energy. Putting something on standby is not the same as turning it off; on standby devices are still powered on and costing you money.

The reason many people see unexpectedly high bills is simply because of their lack of knowledge. To help consumers The Energy Saving Trust and Department of Energy and Climate Change working in partnership with Citizens Advice have designated the week starting Monday 20th October as Big Energy Saving Week. Advice will be available to help people control their heating and energy consumption, including helpful tips and advice about how to keep your expenses low.

One of the best things you can do to help reduce your bills is to consider switching supplier. There are good deals to find, especially if you choose one where you are locked into a set rate for a period of time. This will help you to avoid any additional rises in prices.

On top of switching provider you can also ensure you turn all of your devices off when you’re not using them. This will bring savings and should also help to reduce the amount of wear on equipment. Choosing energy efficient appliances to replace old inefficient ones is also wise.

If you want to take extra steps you could consider getting a smart meter installed so you can see where your energy prices come from. These are really useful and let you keep track of your usage.