Smart lighting is a great option

There is a growing trend in the usage of smart technology in properties. Many people now have their own smart meters, and are looking to other devices too. One of the most popular choices is lighting. More and more people are turning to energy efficient lights, particularly LEDs. As the electricians Derbyshire trusts, we would be more than happy to assist you if you want this kind of upgrade.


The reason behind a rise in usage of smart installations may be a number of things. One example though is how they are more affordable than they were in the past and there is a bigger market.

Most people end up facing a moment where they want to turn the light on but don’t want to have to get up because they’re comfy. By taking the time to install smart lighting there is no need to. Instead simply press your remote or do it with your phone. You may also have an interest in being able to dim your lighting. This can help you to create the perfect atmosphere for your room.

Sometimes jobs like these require different amounts of work. In order to get it to run the right way you may need to replace the existing light switches and configure the wiring. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and tools we can provide this for you. Our team deliver excellent services that are safe and reliable.

Quality Installation

We are members of both NICEIC and ECA. Because of this, we can certify all the work we complete. You can also rest assured that we will carry out any and all work to the highest standards possible.

At Q-Energy, we are capable of carrying out all kinds of jobs including the installation of smart technology. This may include lighting or sound and entertainment systems which you can control with a device or remote.

Whether your project is large or small, you can count on the electricians Derbyshire loves. With over 30 years of experience in the sector we can offer a premier service.