Socket overloads can be dangerous

As one of the most experienced electricians Leicestershire has, one of the most dangerous electrical mistakes we often see is socket overloads; mainly with extension leads. The vast majority of people look to extension leads as the easy way of plugging all your appliances in. Although they are, they are risks if used improperly. Overloading can potentially even lead to fires.

Generally electricians don’t recommend extension leads. Many people don’t use them correctly and put everybody in the property at risk. As a broad guide, the leads are suitable for use in living rooms where more than one appliance requires a plug; such as a DVD, Xbox and Television. However, in a kitchen environment their use is extremely risky. Every common kitchen appliance should have its own socket; otherwise a typical extension lead could become overloaded and cause fire.

The national guidelines for homes in the UK, regarding a new 3 bedroom build with at least 38 sockets should follow this:
– Four sockets in the living room.
– Four sockets in the kitchen.
– Six in the master bedroom.
– Four in bedrooms.
– Four in utility areas.

The unfortunate thing is the amount of sockets installed in new homes is still not enough This is why many buy and use too many extension leads.

Invest in additional sockets

Instead of buying a lead for every socket, consider fitting extra sockets. This way the likelihood of dangers created is greatly reduced. What’s more technology today has enabled us to turn appliances off remotely with the click of button, via smartphone for example. This has enabled us to have more control over what our electrical appliances are doing.

If making less use of potentially dangerous extension leads by installing more sockets and technology appeals to you, consider Q-Energy as your first contact. We are highly experienced electricians Leicestershire clients can rely on.

We would be delighted in helping you make this happen. Please contact us today for further information.