Solar panels for powering your home

Solar energy is a clean form of energy that is beginning to receive a lot of attention for its numerous benefits. The total area of roof space in the UK means that if solar panels were used, we could generate the electricity required for the entire nation. Solar panels don’t just provide clean energy, but the energy used to manufacture them is repaid by clean energy production by the panels themselves within two to three years. They can also earn you money via feed-in tariffs, helping you to earn money back from the initial cost of installing them.

Electricity bills have risen consistently in recent years, which has led to a surge of interest in solar panels. Any attempt that can be made to reduce a property’s electricity bill should be considered. By generating your own electricity, you do not have to pay the prices that the energy companies charge you. On top of this, any surplus energy that you generate is automatically exported to the National Grid. You receive a sum of money per kWh and, depending on how much energy has been generated, this number can be significant enough to warrant installing solar panels. This is thanks to the Feed-In Tariff, which ensures that you receive a sum of money for taking up these environmentally friendly methods of generating electricity.

Installing solar panels is incredibly simple, particularly because they are classed as permitted developments unless they protrude more than 200mm when they are installed. This means that planning permission isn’t required and they can be easily and quickly installed onto existing properties. Even if you don’t live in an area which is particularly sunny, you can still generate electricity because the panels utilise diffuse solar generation, as well as solar energy.

Our team of professional electricians in Leicestershire can install these solar panels onto your roof, allowing you to experience the numerous benefits that they offer you and your property. Whether for your home or business, you will experience many financial and practical benefits when you choose solar panels.