Solar PV Leicestershire

The benefits of installing solar panels on a property are well known, both in terms of giving you the ability to generate your own power and the money making potential of selling unused wattage back to the power grid. The main stumbling blocks with people adopting solar systems is their cost and the positioning of their property. Solar PV systems produce the best results when placed on south or west facing roofs because they provide access to more hours of sunlight during the day. Q Energy offers fantastic services for clients looking to add renewable energy systems to their property. We are well experienced, with over thirty years under our belts in the electrical contracting industry, and have a dedicated staff committed to offering clients the best service.

When it comes to solar power we understand that the needs and specifications of each client will differ, in terms of their budget, the location and size of their property and their levels of energy consumption. As a result of this we offer a full service to survey your property and listen to your needs before designing a system uniquely for you. We also advise each client on the options that are available, including government subsidies for installation costs and the amount they can earn when selling energy they don’t use. With our expert assistance you can get the right system and enjoy the whole array of benefits solar power offers.

At Q-Energy we have experience working with many different types of solar systems, both small and large scale. Our professional fitting service ensures your chosen system is fitted safely and securely, using high grade tracks and brackets. We also offer a full maintenance and repair service if you are having problems with your system.

Q-Energy is the leading provider of Solar PV in Leicestershire but also provides nationwide service. To get your own personal system or a resolution to any problems you may be having contact us by telephone at 08455 485 030 or by email on We look forward to helping you do your bit for the environment and earn the great advantages having your own renewable energy system offers.