Some electrical jargon you might come across

We always keep our industry knowledge up to date so that we can provide people with leading services. Completing jobs with expert results is how we have become the electricians Warwickshire loves. We are aware though that our clients might not be as familiar as we are with the terms in our industry.

Below, you will find some common terms that relate to electrical work.

Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

This is a report for your electrical wiring and its condition. It involves observations, safety, and recommendations on work that may be necessary so that people can use the electrics safely.

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB)

This is also known as a circuit breaker which is automatic and fitted into a fuse box. It is a protective device which disconnects the circuit when there is an overload or fault.

Consumer unit

Also known as a fuse box, this controls your electricity and distributes it around the home. Typically, it will have fuses or circuit breakers, a main switch, and at least one RCD.

Residual Current Device (RCD)

An RCD is a device that will trip a circuit when it detects an earth fault. It is a sensitive switch that is an essential form of electrical safety. It might even be able to save your life from an electrical shock or fire. This protection is vital for outdoor equipment and sockets that power them as this is a location where faults are more likely to occur.


The purpose of this is to minimise the risk of electrical shocks. This happens when people touch metal when there is an electrical fault. The current will flow through a path to earth where the protective device will disconnect the circuit and alleviate the danger.

Electrical Installation Certificate

When an electrician completes electrical work, they may have to issue a certificate. It shows people that they did the job in accordance with BS 7671.


This is one of the British Standards. It relates to the safety of electrical installation work.

Part P

This is a section of building regulations relating to electrical installations in a domestic property.

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