Spring cleaning applies to electrics too

As spring goes on, you may feel the urge to do a bit of cleaning. Not only can it make your home look amazing, but it can also make it safer. We’re the electricians Staffordshire relies on. As a result, we know how caring for your electronics is highly beneficial.

Check On Your Electrics

It’s vital to remember those things you rely on. Always check your smoke detector every month and change the batteries when required. Also, it is a good idea to leave a torch and batteries somewhere easily accessible, in case of a blackout. This way, when you need them, they’ll be there working well.

There are also visual checks that you can do yourself. Are all the cables in your home tidy and out of the way? Even if there are no children in your property, a hanging wire can soon make you trip. Not only can you hurt yourself, but you can damage your electronics too.


Whether it is old, unused or you want an upgrade, there is a good way to dispose of appliances and devices. If you have electrics you no longer want, you have many options like taking it to your local recycling centre. Or, you can take it to a participating retailer or contact your local council. Don’t throw it in the bin when there are better alternatives. Almost all electrics can be recycled and it is great for the environment.

Cleaning Prevents Fires

While you may be aware of the small dangers of electrics like minor shocks and paying for repairs, fires are a real possibility too. Many people put themselves at serious risk by doing little things they may not realise are dangerous.

Did you know not cleaning the fat in your oven can cause a grime fire? Also, leaving clutter around heat sources may make them catch fire. You should never block ventilation for appliances either, as these are all dangerous. Take simple measures to keep everyone safe.

Water Damage

While you’re probably thinking that this is an obvious one, people do make the mistake. You may get the urge to clean something that runs on electricity, but take extra care to not wet it at any stage. Even if you dry it before plugging it back in, you can damage the device and cause a serious problem.

Being safe in your home not only reduces hazards; it can also prevent you having to spend money on electrical work. If you ever need any help, Q-Energy is the group of people to call. We’re the electricians Staffordshire can depend on in many situations. Get in touch today to arrange a service.