Stay safe when using electrics in your kitchen

The combination of water and electrics in your kitchen makes it easy to put yourself at risk of electric shocks or fires. To help you stay safe, the electricians Warwickshire depends on are here. We can provide you with a helping hand however you require.

Simple Steps That Are Important

Keep an eye on anything that you are cooking, even if it is something simple like toast. It is easy to get distracted and forget about it, but it is also risky. On top of this, ensure that you have working smoke alarms in place as they will alert you to danger.

You should also be sure to turn things off when necessary, for example when retrieving food from a toaster or filling up a kettle or iron. This includes switching the hob off as soon as you finish with it and keeping anything flammable like oven mitts away.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean And Organised

Many appliances have their own vents, such as microwaves. By blocking these you can cause it to overheat and start a fire. So, never store anything around them that would slow or prevent adequate ventilation.

In terms of cleaning, be careful with water. It is highly effective at conducting electricity. Because of this, it is vital that you only use electrics with dry hands. If you ever leave a puddle or splash, clear it up straight away to reduce the risk of shocks.

If there is an emergency, you should leave the kitchen, closing the door behind you and immediately call 999. You should never throw water on an electrical fire or on hot oil, including a chip pan fire. Both will make matters worse.

Don’t Risk Safety

Regular checks on electrical equipment and appliances are essential. If you notice any damage or signs of issues, you should stop using the item and look to replace it as soon as possible. This might include scorch marks, the appliance getting unusually hot, or fuses tripping.

If you ever want any work carrying out, you should be getting an expert to do it. In fact, wiring in the kitchen must be approved by a Part-P accredited electrician. You can always rely on our team, so contact us when you are in need of first class results.

For more information from the electricians Warwickshire trusts, give Q-Energy a call today. We have experience in all kinds of kitchens, small and large alike.