Take care with your electrics – especially in the bathroom

Electricity is beneficial and something many people would have trouble living without. While using it though, safety is vital. As the electricians Warwickshire can count on we know this and enjoy helping people stay safe.

The Bathroom

Water conducts electricity at a very high rate. When you have wet skin, this reduces the body’s resistance. Electrical shocks are much worse when you add in water and are more likely to be fatal.

Because of the dangers of water and electricity, there are various rules in regards to the bathroom. For example, installations rules come in zones. These indicate if you can install electrics and other specifics based on the associated risk levels.

You may be aware of some of these regulations, such as with lighting. A light switch must either be outside of the bathroom, or within as a hanging cord. In addition, lights should be enclosed within the ceiling, if not they have to be out of reach of anyone walking around the bathroom.

Staying Safe Throughout The Home

In a bathroom, sockets are not allowed unless people fit them at a minimum distance of 3 metres from a bath or shower. Shaver-supply units are an exception, but they too must be a safe distance from water to avoid any splashing. If you attempt to charge an electrical item in the bathroom, it could be very dangerous. Leave it for another room.

Once you exit the bathroom, be careful of any water you have brought with you. You should never handle electrics unless you are sure that your hands are completely dry. This could end in an electric shock or a damaged electrical item. It doesn’t take much to ensure that you are dry.

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