Take precautions with electrical work and skip summer DIY

Jobs involving electricity require the right knowledge, skills, and professional grade tools. Because of this, you should leave any electrical work to the electricians Derbyshire loves using. Our team has over 30 years of experience. You can turn to us for small simple jobs as well as large complex ones.

Don’t dare to DIY

Summer is the perfect time for people to do some work on their property. This can include anything from a full clear out to redecorating or renovation. At times like this it is important to recognise the dangers that come with attempting electrical work as a part of DIY efforts. Jobs involving electricity can be very dangerous so you should not attempt them if you don’t know what you are doing.

Don’t risk getting hurt

It is crucial that homeowners leave any jobs like this to professionals. Otherwise, they risk significant safety implications. A huge number of fatalities, serious injuries, and house fires are the result of unsafe electrics in the home. The charity Electrical Safety First even did research on electric shocks. They found that around half of the severe ones are because of DIY mistakes.

Costly implications

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A DIY attempt can also cost you a lot. NICEIC research shows that on average, a mistake costs £1,165 to fix. A botch will likely require you to call a professional to repair damage and complete the original job. You also need to consider the time you likely spent trying to work out what you need to do and any items you bought for the job. When you think about this, it is better to call a pro at the start.

Who you should call

Even when electrical work appears simple, you should not just “have a go”. Instead, get the peace of mind that comes with hiring a registered electrician. Working with people like us ensures the work will be a high and safe standard.

Q-Energy is the home of the reputable electricians Derbyshire knows for top quality work. Reach out to us today; we look forward to hearing from you.