Taking care with wiring installations

When it comes to installing wiring in a property, whether it is a new build or redevelopment, skill and precision is required to ensure the job is done correctly. It is vital that health and safety standards are satisfied as well as adhering to building regulations. Investing in professional work is always wise to ensure that no hazards arise as a result of a poor installation.

Many people take the condition of wiring for granted, both in terms of the cables they can see and those hidden from view in walls, floors and ceilings. This is a bad view to take though because they can get worn over time, becoming frayed and hazardous. This is less likely to happen with those hidden from view because people don’t interact with them often but it can still happen. This is especially true if they were installed incorrectly.

At Q-Energy we have a talented team of electricians with the skill to carry out all kinds of wiring work. We serve Leicestershire with pride, helping clients from the domestic sector as well as catering for commercial and industrial requirements. We have the competencies to work effectively in each setting and will deliver the highest level of workmanship.

When carrying out wiring work we always plan carefully to ensure the wires can run exactly to where they are needed. It is important to get the lengths and positioning right. With the former you want the wires to have enough slack but not so much that they can become tangled and increase wear.

Working on existing wiring, whether it is repairs or upgrades, takes even more skill than providing a brand new installation. This is because the electricians cannot be sure what condition the existing wires are in. The task becomes more and more challenging if additional work has been done since the original installation. This can leave all kinds of mess to deal with.

If you would like a professional wiring service with a quality installation assured we are the company for you. We take on an array of jobs and will always deliver the very best service.