Taking our electrical duties very seriously

At Q Energy, we have a commitment to the continuing professional development of all of our electricians. We do this to ensure maximum safety when working on contracts and to maintain our high levels of quality and customer service. By doing so, we’re able to stay on the forefront of developments within our industry and offer the widest, most up to date range of services available on the market. As part of this commitment, we have inevitably learned a lot about renewable energies and the benefits of going green. High on the list of priorities for many of our customers is power saving technologies and systems. This not only has positive implications on your carbon footprint and the overall impact you have on the planet, but has the potential to make a significant reduction to your energy bills and save you money in both the short and long term.

We have the necessary skills and equipment to make significant savings in many areas of your home with innovative products such as our voltage reduction units. The typical voltage in UK properties is around 245V, much higher than is necessary to power most appliances. In fact, many appliances work more efficiently at lower voltages, causing not only a reduction in your energy costs, but improved performance on some appliances. Solar Panels, when they were first introduced were not a cost effective installation for the majority of home owners. As the technology has improved, it has been shown to yield high returns on investments through selling excess energy created back to the grid and by government backed schemes to benefit households that generate alternative energy supplies.

All of our installations are carried out by our skilled professionals; we never outsource any of our work. We only recruit individuals who are trained to an exceptional standard and can demonstrate consistent proficiency in all areas of their work. We are proud of our record of working within set time scales for all of our customers whether they’re commercial, industrial or domestic. We’re NICEIC approved and carry out all work to the standards set out by the Institution of Electrical Engineers, therefore qualifying us to certify all the work we carry out ourselves. We are very aware of the difficulties faced in working with ongoing commercial or industrial operations, this is why we have strategies in place to minimise disruptions to your business and the customers. There are many unique requirements for every project that we work on, so we urge you to get in touch to find out how the specialists at Q-Energy can accommodate you.