The dangers of counterfeit chargers

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If you do a quick internet search, you can find plenty of news stories about the effects of fake chargers. Not only can they damage your device, but they also pose a serious threat for shocks and fires.

Why Are They So Dangerous?

These counterfeit products are almost always cheaply produced in other countries and shipped in. As a result, they do not conform to any of the relevant safety requirements. The purpose is to make money, not to provide people with a good product. There have been many incidents of death or serious injury from these items.

How Can You Be Sure A Charger Is Safe?

Some people spend time producing high quality fakes that are hard to spot by normal people. There are a few giveaways though that a charger is counterfeit.

There are many fake chargers that do not have safety markings on them like the CE symbol. While the absence of this means you should immediately look for a safe charger, its presence doesn’t guarantee safety as some fakes have it too.

The overall finish of these chargers tends to be of lower quality, with imperfections such as poor fittings. They also tend to be lighter than the registered versions, and will lack the company logo.

Some Tips For Chargers

Official chargers undergo rigorous testing. It may be enticing to go for a cheaper option. But, spending a few extra pounds can give you a high quality product and peace of mind that it is safe.

If your charger appears to have any damage, overheats easily or takes a long time to charge, you need to replace it.

It is highly advised that you never charge a device overnight as overcharging can damage your phone or tablet. This also poses a fire risk. You should also only leave it on a surface that is not flammable. If you are one of the many people who place a phone on your bed while it’s charging, you need to stop.

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