The dangers of loose and short wires

Even though ours is a company that has existed for over 30 years, that doesn’t mean that we aren’t still seeking out ways to improve. Offering all types of electrical work across various sectors, we know exactly what approach would be best in each scenario. Employing some of the most skilled electricians Leicestershire has to give; we are the ones to call if you suspect your appliances of being vulnerable to a fault.

In our trade, wiring blunders and issues are common occurrences, and if left to their own devices, the probability that a short circuit will happen skyrockets. To make sure that others don’t repeat these same mistakes, we have listed those situations that you must be on alert for and what has to be done once they are encountered.

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is connecting wires outside of electrical boxes. This should never be carried out under any circumstances, as it’s the junction box’s purpose to safeguard connections from accidental harm, and contain the heat or sparks that erupt from short circuits or loose connections. If there are connections that aren’t seated within a box, install one and then reconnect all the wires that exist inside.

When the need to work with wires arises, ensure that they aren’t cut too short. Wires that aren’t long enough make the task of connecting everything much more challenging. Since there’s also a greater chance of making deficient connections here, short wires also increase the risk factors. Ideally, you’ll want to leave your wires long enough so that they bulge out by at least three inches from your box.

At Q-Energy, in order to make certain that no mistakes are made, we proceed with the upmost caution whilst working on your property’s electronics. Whatever the trouble, be it faulty wiring or a short circuit, we possess the equipment and skills necessary to rectify the problem.

If you’re worried about the condition of your own electrical goods, don’t hesitate and contact us at once. We will send some of the most highly trained electricians Leicestershire has to offer to your property to inspect and resolve the issues.