The dangers of not hiring a professional

Q-Energy have been working with electrics and electrical devices for over 30 years. We enjoy helping everyone, whatever their needs. Carrying out a range of work, we’re the electricians Warwickshire loves.

As qualified experts, we understand how to be safe and only carry out work to the highest standards. Many people make the mistake of hiring people and not checking the electrician’s credentials. As a result they may have to deal with the consequences.

It’s Not Worth It

Many people choose the cheapest offer when they are looking for someone to carry out work. It’s understandable because everyone loves to save money. The problem with this is that it does not guarantee the best service. You can be giving someone money to do the job but it doesn’t mean that they will do it right. You may still have to hire someone else and spend even more in the end.

Electricians possess a lot of knowledge, ensuring they can work safely with electrical systems. It’s easy to cause more issues than what was originally there. You could need more work completing than you did before, with prices soon adding up. Fortunately, not only are our team highly skilled, they also have the relevant insurance for your peace of mind.

When you get someone to carry out work, there is also a risk of serious harm. Faulty electrical installations and work can be dangerous. This is not only to the person carrying it out. There is a high chance of shocks and fires occurring. Don’t risk it; always check the electrician is a properly trained.

How Do I Know If They Are A Professional?

There are many competent person schemes you can register with to become a member. As a result, you can carry out work while giving people comfort that you know what you’re doing. One of these schemes is NICEIC, which we are members of. We are also part of the Electrical Contractors’ Association. It is easy to check if an individual or company is registered.

When you choose a qualified electrician, they will only use specialist tools and knowledge to leave you happy. We offer a cost effective service, carrying out a range of work at a fair price. Always use a professional, even if it is a simple one-off job.

Q-Energy has high standards for everyone who works with us. Be worry free knowing you’re working with electricians Warwickshire can depend on. We can carry out a range of work. Get in touch today if you would like any more information.