The dangers that come from overloading sockets

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Overloading Is Dangerous

The majority of people will use an extension lead somewhere in their home. A four-way adaptor allows people to plug in more appliances than they would normally be able to with a standard wall socket. While you have access to this more sockets, it doesn’t mean that you should be using all of them. In a lot of cases this is not a safe thing to do and significantly increases the risk of fire.

Below, you will find some advice on how to avoid overloading sockets.

Look at the extension lead rating for current before you use it. The majority of them are 13A but you need to be certain what the rate is for the one you own. This should be marked clearly somewhere on the extension lead or you can look at the manufacturer’s instructions.

Be aware of the current ratings for your appliances. Plugging too many into an extension can overload it if it exceeds the rating. The danger comes from the possibility of the plug that is in the wall socket overheating; this might even result in a fire.

You should only ever use a single extension lead per socket; this includes never plugging one extension into another. Try and use a multi-way bar extension instead of a block adapter so that it doesn’t put as much strain on the wall socket. A bar is more likely to have a fuse so it lowers the risk of overloading.

There are certain signs of danger that you should check for and never ignore like:

• Smoke or sparks from the appliance or plug
• Black or scorch marks around the plug, socket, or appliance
• A burning smell near a socket or appliance
• Leads that are damaged or frayed, as well as those that show the coloured wires inside
• Any melted plastic on the leads or appliance casing
• When fuses keep blowing or circuit breakers keep operating

Always Use A Registered Electrician

You should not have to rely on extension leads or adaptors regularly. If you find that you do, you should call in a registered electrician to install some additional sockets for you to use.

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