The difference between energy efficiency and low costs

The term “energy costs reduced” has been receiving plenty of references in the news lately. The cost of energy supplies is indeed falling, particularly gas and electricity. This has been caused by a number of factors, with the primary ones being higher levels of provider competition and lower supplier costs. While cost reductions are always welcome news, in this case it is important to remember there’s a difference between reduced energy costs and being energy efficient.

While recent developments have seen the unit costs for energy fall, being energy efficient relates to making the maximum use of the energy consumed. A lower cost per unit is beneficial, but reducing the overall level of energy supply required is key to achieving a long term, sustained level of energy costs.

In times of low cost per unit of energy there is always a danger of being wasteful as the perceived cost is lower. The truth is that there are no long term benefits to being wasteful with energy, no matter how low the costs may be. If energy is not being used efficiently, the appliances and processes being powered will not be operating in the way they should. If energy supply costs were to rise again, the cost of wasted supply would be significant, as would be the cost of operating devices or equipment in a clearly inefficient way.

Our work is focused on helping you achieve the optimal level of energy efficiency. This allows you to take the maximum advantage possible from lower energy costs, and safeguards you against significant expenses should supply costs increase again.

There are no ready made solutions which can ensure you are in the most energy efficient position possible. Several factors need to be considered when making your property more energy efficient. These include the suitability for PV solar panels, the benefits you could achieve from introducing LED lighting, and the way your devices and appliances are connected to the grid. Our Derbyshire electricians can carry out comprehensive surveys of your energy use, which allows us to put forward the most successful plan that’s specific to your requirements and circumstances.