The most common electrical problems to experience

Electricity has the potential to be very harmful. As a result safety is paramount with any kind of work or fault. If you start to experience any issues, we are always here as the electricians Staffordshire can rely on. We would be happy to help you with what you need, including finding solutions to issues within your property. Below, we go through some of the most common problems and what you should do about them.


Problems with light fixtures and bulbs can have a number of causes. Flickering, buzzing and issues with the brightness are typically due to the bulb. Change it and ensure that it is the right wattage. If this is not the case, it might be a bad main neutral connection. This will require you to call out an expert.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

If you switch on an electrical appliance or light and everything turns off, you will likely have tripped your system. Checking the breaker is one of the first things you should try if you are without power.

The most common trip cause is an overload in the circuit. Therefore, unplug and turn off anything that you are not using or do not need. You can then turn the power back on at the electrical panel. Plug in each item separately and turn it on. If it trips again this indicates the product has a fault. If you can’t find a single item to blame and tripping continues to happen, call an electrician; it could be a more serious problem.


No one wants to use their electrics only to be shocked. They are often small, but they act as a reminder of the dangers of electricity. Because the problem can be due to an appliance or serious wiring problems, it is best to call professionals like us.

Hot Electrics

This can lead to serious issues if you are not careful. If a product gets unusually warm when in use, it could be a fire hazard. Keep it away from flammable items and ensure any vents are clear. Replace any item that is dangerously hot. Electrical products must meet the right safety standards so check for these too.

If you ever need assistance, Q-Energy is here to provide a helping hand. Our reputation as the foremost electricians Staffordshire has to offer is something we are proud of. We ensure the safety and quality of our work for great results every time.