The relationship between a swell and an overvoltage

Electrical faults pop up every day and each one carries with it a differing level of severity. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our team of electricians in Staffordshire are fully aware of the problems that might be afoot and what strategies are needed to combat them. Providing services to the industrial, commercial and domestic sectors, no fault is too much for us to handle.

A swell is the opposite of a sag. Here, there is an increase of AC voltage for 0.5 cycles to 1 minute’s time. In the case of swells, high-impedance neutral connections, a single-phase error on a three-phase system and considerably large load reductions are common causes. The result of a sag could be a degradation of electrical contacts and insulation, lights flickering, data errors and semiconductor damage within electronics.

Similar to sags, swells tend not to be apparent until their results make themselves known. Having power conditioning and UPS devices that are able to observe and log any incoming power incidents can aid in measuring when and how often sags happen.

An overvoltage can be what comes about as the result of the long-term issues that produce swells. Think of this voltage as a prolonged swell of sorts. They typically appear in those locations where supply transformer tap settings are incorrectly set and loads have been minimised.

Conditions involving overvoltage can lead to high current draw, as well as the unnecessary tripping of downstream circuit breakers. Additionally, they can put a sizeable amount of stress on your gear and cause overheating.

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