The responsibilities of your landlord

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It’s often the case that we get questions regarding electronic appliances in rented accommodations. In particular, individuals ask us about the responsibilities held by landlords. So that you stay informed, we’re going to talk about this topic here.

The responsibilities of landlords

Each landlord possesses a legal obligation to ensure that the wiring is up to date. All mechanisms supplied by them have to be fit for use too. This applies if you are a council tenant or a private housing association. Landords should also schedule recurrent safety inspections for fridges, cookers, washing machines and other appliances. For shared houses, these examinations must take place at least every five years.

How does it work with HMO properties?

Landords have responsibilities when it comes to houses in multiple occupation as well. You might be someone that resides in a council licensed shared building. If you do, then the landlord needs to assess the condition of your electrics every five years. They must also produce an electrician’s periodic inspection report. It has to show that the premises are secure. Tenants should have access to this report.

If you bring your own goods into the structure, then you will be accountable if something goes wrong. When there are concerns about appliances, the owner should look at testing or replacements.

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