The right ways to handle your electronics

We are a company that has served the electrical industry for more than thirty years. There are all kinds of potential faults and complications that can happen with wiring and appliances. Many require professional fixes. Fortunately, we’re here to provide the most skilled electricians Staffordshire has to offer. As a result we can resolve any problem and ensure the electrics are safe.

When it comes to electrical safety at home, there are many things you should never do. If you’re not careful, you could potentially cause a fire. To make sure you remain safe, we look at what you should be doing with your electronics below.

Inspect them

The absolute best thing you can do is carry out an inspection of all your electronics. As you’re performing your home survey, touch the switches and outlets to see if they are warm. Warm outlets mean that there may be problems. Examples include loose wiring and an excessive electrical load. Dimmer switches are the exception here however as they normally feel warm. Investigate them if they feel too hot though. Make certain your outlets aren’t overloaded too.

Extension cords

It’s very likely that you’re using extension cords somewhere in your home. If so, see to it that yours aren’t running along areas where they can cause trip hazards. Furthermore, you need to avoid putting them underneath carpets. If you do they could turn into a fire hazard. Some people use a myriad of extension cords at once. Consider adding more circuits and/or outlets as an alternative.

Switch off

If there is an appliance that requires attention, turn its power off before looking at it. You never want to start looking at something that is running because you are at risk of shocks.

At Q-Energy, we perform our work to the standard set by the Institution of Electrical Engineers. We always commit ourselves to supplying clients with services that satisfy them completely. As NICEIC,ECA members, this is what everyone expects from us.

We are the top electricians Staffordshire has, enjoying a reputation for the safe way we conduct our work. If you need our assistance now or in the future, be sure to contact us.