The right ways to use your extension cords

In order to work in the electrical industry, you need to know what you are doing. One wrong move and you could ruin the entire system. More importantly, you put yourself and anyone else in the property and neighbouring area at risk. Fortunately, our people are ready for everything that comes their way. It is for this reason why they are some of the best electricians Derbyshire has.

There may not be enough cord for your device to reach the closest socket. A useful item that you would use in this situation is the extension cord. However, they should only be temporary solutions. It does not matter what the rating or the gauge of the cord is. You are never meant to use one as a long-term extension of the structure’s electrical network.

Using these cords correctly is vital to your safety. Should you continue to use them over time, they can deteriorate quickly. This can lead to a possibly dangerous fire hazard or electric shock. Luckily, we have some tips on using them that can keep you safe.

Safety tips

Electricians DerbyshireTo begin with, don’t overload the extension. There may be space for several plugs, but you need to think about how much power each will pull through the cable. If there is too much it could short out. This could damage every item you have plugged in.

It is also unwise to let extensions run through the ground, snow or water. Keep them dry and make sure there is minimal moisture in the area.

Don’t run an extension through floors, ceilings, doorways, or walls either. When you cover cords, the heat can’t escape. This could cause a fire hazard. In doorways they can be a trip hazard or you can damage the plastic outer coating, exposing the wires. This means a higher chance of shocks.

You must directly plug each extension into a socket; you can’t chain them together. If you do this it is even easier to overload them and cause issues.

If you have too many extension cords, this is a sign that there are not enough outlets for you to use. Install extra outlets when the need arises.

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