The rise of solar energy in the UK

There is an increased focus on renewable energy in the UK. We are becoming more and more concerned with the direction that our planet is headed towards, and that makes us concerned about the future. While we may not see the damage that we are doing to the planet, our future generations certainly will and decisive action needs to be taken. By turning to renewable energy, we can reduce carbon emissions and constant mining and digging for coal and oil, and can harness a much more environmentally friendly power source that will benefit the planet considerably. One of the key forms of renewable energy is solar energy.

The photovoltaic cells in solar panels utilise sunlight and diffuse solar radiation in order to generate electricity, which can be used for the household. A clean form of electricity generation, it is quickly growing in usage across the nation. Solar power generation soared year-on-year by an astounding 93% in 2014, with 3.9TWh of solar energy generated. This highlights an increase of 20% in regards to the generation of renewable energy. The figures also showcase a fall in emissions of 8.4% last year, an impressive figure that holds hope for a future of even lower carbon emissions.

As long as current trends continue, the Government predicts that 4% of the country’s electricity could be provided through solar energy alone by the end of the decade. The swiftly declining price has also led to the International Energy Agency predicting that solar energy could be the world’s dominant source of energy by 2050. This is thanks to the declining cost of solar panels, which has made them much more accessible for homeowners. Over the past few years, this price has declined by an amazing 70%, making now an excellent time to invest in solar panels if you are interested in renewable energy.

Our skilled electricians in Derbyshire can install these solar panels onto your home and allow you to begin experiencing the great benefits of this clean form of energy. It offers a number of reliefs and benefits, including allowing you to earn money by selling surplus energy generated to the National Grid. Even when the sun isn’t out, you can still benefit from the energy generated from your solar panels, and you will certainly come to receive the benefits should you install them. If you are looking to adopt renewable energy for your home, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team today.