The seriousness of burning odours

Having spent three decades in the electrical trade, our company knows precisely the right approach to take for any situation. Employing the best electricians Derbyshire has to offer, we strive to deliver an efficient solution to every problem. No matter the size and scale of a fault, we won’t rest until it has been rectified.

By knowing of the symptoms that accompany an electrical fault, one can make repairs in good time and stop a potentially hazardous scenario from taking place. Some problems you may be able to troubleshoot all on your own, but electricity is something you have to be cautious around. The majority of these issues require a diagnosis and proper repair from a trained professional; you should call on them if there are ever any concerns.

If you happen to notice a burning smell originating from switches and outlets, the power should be switched off at the electrical panel immediately. At this point, you need to contact an expert, as the problem could be faulty apparatus, but also an overload or wiring concern too. These types of odours are serious because they may be indicators of the start of an electrical fire. Connected cables or devices that are warm when touched are also evidence of an electrical issue. Until the problems have been resolved, don’t use the system.

It’s not uncommon to have a few sparks the first time you plug an appliance in. However, those sparks that occur frequently or are large will signal the existence of a fault with the circuit or your outlet. If there are any popping sounds present, chances are that there’s a wire loose. Finding said wire is no easy feat, and the diagnosis and repair of it can be just as troublesome. As such, the correct safety procedures must be followed whilst working on them.

At Q-Energy we are taught to recognise all the signs of an electrical fault so that we can deal with them immediately. If we notice anything that is off during our operations, we will inform you and advise on the most suitable course of action.

Let us know if you require any assistance and we will arrange to visit your site, conduct an inspection, and rectify any issues. When they need electricians Staffordshire based clients can have faith in our skills.