The value Of EICR testing

Those who have bought or sold property over the last five or so years will know that the Periodic Inspection Test Report (PITR) has been replaced by the Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). The new name reflects an entirely new approach and purpose to this particular service. While the PITR process gave an account of the current state of electrical installations and wiring, EICR certification involves a much more detailed assessment.

In many respects, EICR certification for a property is based on the same basic principle of a vehicle MOT, as it is issued only when long term quality and safety has been tested and established in a property’s electrical systems. EICR certification is considerably more involved than was the case with PITR. Although a PITR report was valuable as it showed that all was working as it should be, an EICR is far more valuable due to the safety assurances it gives about the supply and use of electricity in a building.

As with all kinds of electrical work, EICR testing and certification must always be carried out by a qualified, accredited electrician. We are a leading choice for anyone in need of qualified and skilled electricians in Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Warwickshire. In order to show how much we value the importance of EICR certification, we provide our services for the most competitive costing possible. This service starts at £99, which is almost 33% lower than the industry average fee of around £150.

We know that sometimes there are systems and certifications which change their name for reasons not related to the service they represent. This has not been the case with the movement away from PITR towards EICR. The change of name reflects a distinct change of service, with the new EICR system focused on testing and assuring the safe use of electricity in a building. Please contact us if you would like further information about this process or need us to carry out testing at your property.