The value of upgrading your lighting

Dimming light switches and LED lights can help property owners to significantly reduce their energy consumption. Dimmers are a good choice because you have control over the brightness and therefore the amount of electricity that is consumed. You can dim each light so it only provides as much as you need, meaning you don’t need to either have them on full power or switched off completely.

LEDs are modern, low energy lights that have several performance advantages over traditional bulbs. They have much longer lifespans, produce higher quality light and also require far less power because they do not give off much heat. The market for these kinds of bulbs has boomed over the last few years and is set to grow even further in the future as people look for ways to save on energy bills. LEDs can provide you with amazing savings in the long term when compared with other kinds of lighting systems.

If you are opting for a new high specification lighting system, you should ensure you have the system installed professionally to ensure there are no flaws in it. These systems can be complex so professional input will prove to be a good investment.

Dimmers are relatively easy to fit but you still need to take care whenever you deal with the electrical system in your property. If you want to ensure you get the right quality service you should once again have the job done by an experienced electrician.

Our electricians in Staffordshire are highly experienced at working in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We have dealt with all kinds of lighting systems, from simple ones to complex installations on extremely large properties. Regardless of the task, we always focus on doing the best job we can, producing a quality finish that our clients will be pleased with.

As part of the service we can supply high spec modern lighting, devise an installation plan and carry out the work. We can fit advanced controls such as remote controls or integrating smartphones or iPads. We test everything after installation and make sure it meets our very high standards. You can always put your trust in to do a great job for a fantastic rate.