The workings of an electrician

Having provided services for over 30 years to the public, our team at Q-Energy has built up an excellent reputation among the community. If you live in the Warwickshire area and need help from talented electrical specialists, we are the company for you.

Electricians are highly trained individuals on par with doctors as the room for error in the electrician trade is zero. For them, the preservation of electrical systems is essential and so most are specialists in repairs and maintenance. In addition, they are safety experts as their work involves carrying out safety checks in order to ensure that they do not cause a hazard. Since every structure is different, an electrician has to adapt to the different requirements that they encounter when working with electrical appliances.

At Q-Energy our electricians are at the top of their game and have worked on a variety of structures performing different tasks. Coventry University required a full electrical installation from the ground up for its new Science and Nature blocks. The services included working on the sub mains and lighting among others throughout five floors of the building. We were very proud to take on the task.

Another project that required a full installation was the Cold Harbour Lane housing in Brixton. Over 100 apartments benefited from our service. We installed fire detection and auxiliary services in addition to lighting appliances and door access systems.

We also take on the installation of systems designed to protect the environment including voltage reduction to cut energy consumption and solar panels to generate clean power. The PV systems use daylight on the silicon cells normally placed on the roof to create electricity. They can be installed in an array of settings but require careful handling and fitting.

With experience in the domestic, commercial and industrial work, our electricians are capable of taking on a variety of roles in different environments. With their high levels of training and extreme dedication to their work, our team will do the job to an excellent standard.