The world of frequency variations

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A frequency variation is considerably rare in stable utility power set ups, particularly in those systems interconnected by way of a power grid. Where locales possess poor power infrastructure or dedicated backup generators, these variations appear more regularly. This is especially true if your generator is heavy loaded.

IT utensils are frequency tolerant and typically aren’t affected by small shifts in local generator frequencies. What would be influenced however is any sensitive appliance or motor device that depends on stable power cycles. Frequency variations may lead to a motor running slower or quicker in order to match the input power’s frequency. This would result in the motor not running efficiently and/or could cause additional heat and the degradation of it by way of a heightened motor speed and/or extra current draw.

While not a waveform distortion, due to awareness of them being essential when observing power quality issues, it’s best that voltage imbalances are discussed. Just like the name states, these imbalances are when bestowed voltages aren’t equal. These problems can result from an external utility supply, but facility loads and internal causes tend to be their origin points.

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