Tips for staying safe with electrics

Why not work with the electricians Leicestershire loves today? We can help you by using our knowledge and expertise to give results you can rely on. Advice is also something that we offer people to help you stay safe. Most people use electricity everyday and it can bring dangers with it.

Here are some simple things to remember to help you stay safe when it comes to electricity.


Even a tiny amount of water can cause a short circuit and shock the user. This is why you should always thoroughly dry your hands and electrical items before use.

You should never use an appliance if it is wet. In areas like your bathroom and garden, you need to be careful as there is a greater chance of this happening here. There is no point in not only damaging the product but also risking an electrical shock or even a fire.


Some key things to remember are:
– Only buy products from a trusted retailer because counterfeits are a big issue online.
– Look for visible damage, including scorch marks and damage to the wire covering.
– If an item gets warm, never place it on a flammable surface. You may think that it will be fine but this is how a large number of fires start. Always ensure vents aren’t covered.
– You should always check and replace items if they start to overheat or not function as they once did.

One appliance you should never forget about is your smoke alarms. They are such a small item, but are vital in saving lives. Regularly checking ensures that they are still working. They can detect and alert you to a fire quickly, in many cases before you will notice.


While extension leads are considered very helpful, they are also a big cause of electrical fires when they aren’t used in the correct way. Overloading these with many electronics is very dangerous.

A good piece of advice is to turn off extension leads when they are not in use. You can also try rearranging your room to make better use of the available sockets.

If you should need it, we can carry out anything from the installation of a single socket to complete rewires. Always consult a professional, registered electrician for any work you are looking to have done.

Making sure that you stay safe around electricity is simple and yet, could even save your life. Q-Energy is home to the best electricians Leicestershire has to offer. Get in touch with us now if you need more information.