Top tips for saving energy

People love to save money. When it comes to electricity and gas, there are different ways for you to do this. Why not reduce your costs and help the environment with some of the best electricians Derbyshire has to offer? Here are some of our tips.

Turn It Off

Every little bit you do helps to lower your energy bill. So, turn things off if you aren’t using them. It may seem obvious but many people fail to do so. Don’t leave a light on if you’re leaving “only for a few minutes” because you are lighting the room for no reason.

Appliances that are on standby still use power so always turn them off. It’s easy enough to turn it back on after all. The same goes for chargers, and while modern ones stop charging when the device is full, not all do. This can use unnecessary energy, overheat and be dangerous.

Light Bulbs

Energy efficient light bulbs have come a long way; they provide your room with the light needed, don’t take forever to warm up, and last. They’re also cheap in terms of upfront costs and energy usage. We can help you install LED lights throughout your property.


When you buy an appliance, do you know what the energy efficiency rating is? Older items can do the same job as a newer one yet use a lot more power in the process. Update your old appliances and always check the rating of what you are getting. It may be slightly cheaper but energy costs add up.

Always make sure you are getting the most out of something. Why spread 1 full load of washing through 5 smaller ones? It may not be full, but it’s costing you as if it were. You can also wash clothes on a lower temperature.


Turning the heating down or off occasionally can make a big difference. There are many people out there who turn the heating up because of a little cold when the windows are open or they’re wearing summery clothes. Of course, use it if you want to; just think about if you need to.

Look at heat saving measures too. Double glazing, insulating your home and taking care of draughts can keep the warmth in.

Q-Energy Can Help

Examples of energy saving measures we can help you with include:
– Voltage optimisation
– High frequency lights
– LED lights
– Remote energy meter
– Rointe heating system
– PV Solar

If you want to help save the environment while reducing your energy bill, call us at 0345 5485030. Find out why we’re known as the electricians Derbyshire can depend on.