Turn off the mains and ensure that everything is de-energised

Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of conducting electrical works on behalf of clients from various sectors. In our attempts to be recognised as an industry leader, we have not only been researching new talents and technologies, but also improving upon those we already possess. We employ of some of the greatest electricians Staffordshire has. Therefore, you can rely on us to help you.

Whilst dealing with electricity, it’s imperative that you do everything within your power to remain safe. Your safety cannot be undermined at any time, whether it is before, during, or after a service. There are a fair few ground rules that need to be established before anything major happens. The guidelines we have produced here are designed to help those who intend to tackle electrical faults to remain safe.

Something you’ll want to avoid doing is using equipment with broken plugs, damaged insulation, and frayed chords. Also, if you end up working on a receptacle, be sure to turn off the mains. Another smart suggestion would be to put a sign near or on your service panel. This shall prevent anyone from accidentally turning the main switch on.

If you have any energised gear that is faulty, don’t attempt any repairs. Double check to make certain that everything is de-energised first. You can use a testing device to do this. Once a tester makes contact with a hot or live wire, its bulb will light up. This indicates that an electrical current remains.

At Q-Energy, all installations and repairs are performed in accordance with the standards set out by the Institution of Electrical Engineers. With an outstanding reputation that has the customers coming back for more, it’s safe to say that those who work with us are satisfied with our results. In fact, it has helped our reputation as the most reliable electricians Staffordshire has to grow.

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