UK workers understand the importance of energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is important for protecting our planet. Action is needed to slow down global warming and prevent it from overwhelming the planet, causing unpredictable changes for future generations. Though many look at the financial savings that energy efficient installations can yield, many more are looking towards protecting their planet first and foremost.

YouGov recently polled 1,118 workers across the UK. Whilst 68% said that they take extra care to help make their workplace more energy efficient, 22% of this number said that they care a great deal. Across industries, workers within the hospitality and leisure industry are the most conscientious, with 82% caring about making their workplace energy efficient. They are closely followed by workers in the financial sector, with 77% ensuring energy efficiency is kept in mind, and manufacturing workers with 76% working to be as energy efficient as possible. This highlights that the vast majority of workers in the UK now care about protecting the planet and ensuring that they are being as energy efficient as possible.

62% of workers confirmed that their employers had invested in energy saving measures, though less than half stated that their workplace ensured computer monitors and lights were switched off when not in use. Only 18% stated that their workplace carried out regular energy audits. This shows that, whilst workers care and employers are taking steps towards energy saving, there is still a lot of work to do in implementing energy efficient policies.

Our electricians in Leicestershire can help to make your business more environmentally friendly, as we offer a number of different energy saving installations for the benefit of our customers. We can provide and install voltage reduction units and LED lighting, helping our clients to make significant savings both on their bills and on their energy use. With our installations, you can also rest assured knowing that you are being as energy efficient as possible, helping to reduce carbon emissions in the fight against global warming.